I want to talk for a minute about overreactions.

Now I’m sure people have done certain things that seem rather harmless and innocent, only for those closest to them to overreact that what such and such a person has done is probably worst than genocide. 

Like the first time you come home and your parents see that you’ve gotten your ears pierced without their permission, or gotten a tattoo, or have found a condom in your bookbag, or perhaps found out that you were gay, or something like that. 

These things are relatively innocent when compared to things that people should REALLY be upset about: finding illegal drugs in your kids’ room, finding out someone close to you is a serial killer or a rapist, finding weapons of mass destruction hidden in a loved one’s basement, or finding out that your next door neighbor’s kids plan to blow up the local high school.  These are the things to really get upset over. 

Basically, its no good getting upset and acting like the world is coming to an end simply because someone spilled coffee or tea or milk or juice all over your best pair of pants. 

If someone feeds LSD to your dog, dumps toxic waste on your lawn, rapes your girlfriend/wife, or even slashes the tires on your car, etc…  THEN you can get upset.